Pair 9 Poker™

Basics of the Game

Played from a shoe, using six standard decks and a special layout

1. Each player makes a wager by placing chip(s) in the betting circle on the table.
2. Dealer gives each player and himself four (4) cards face down; one of the dealer’s cards is face up to use for the high-low bet.
3. Player evaluates his hand and decides whether to keep all four cards (stand pat) or discard one and receive (draw) another.
4. Once all he cards are dealt, the player sets his cards into two (2) hands to that the back hand is equal to or higher than the front hand.
5. When all hands are set, the dealer turns his cards face up, evaluates his hand, and decides whether to keep all four cards or discard one and draw another using the “House Way” for guidance.
6. Dealer exposes all the hands, and compares his front hand against each player’s front hand and his back hand against each players back hand.
7. To win, both front and back hands must win.  To lose, both front and back hands must lose.  Otherwise it’s a push (i.e. tie-win = push, tie-lose = push and vice versa).  If the player and the dealer tie on either hand, the dealer wins on point exact copy (i.e. 7-2 vs 7-2, K-8 vs K-8)
8. The suits (club, diamonds, hearts, and spades) have no rank value

Note:  A dice cup may be used to determine where the first card must be delivered.  The commission structure will be determined by the house standard.

The Game

The Rules



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